Highest Goal scorer Bets For The New Season - Who Do You Fancy?

Top hockey bets and tips are big business for those online markets particularly in Canada and the U.S.A. These games are really cut and thrust with each team trying to out duel the other and sometimes can be very tense affairs not just for the players but for the fans of both teams and the punters trying their luck, it always adds a bit of spice when you have put your money where your mouth is.

The guys playing in the ice hockey leagues, are really top athletes to be able to master such skills whist travelling at speed on the ice and it is easy to see how tempers get frayed at times with some of these almighty free for all ding dongs making the sports headlines. Some of these action packed events suddenly take an unexpected turn and change from a sporting event into literally a bar brawl on ice with hockey sticks and helmets added for good measure. You watch some of these games explode sometimes, and the thought does occur perhaps the fracas could make a new sport all on its own, accompanied by yet another sportsbook, wouldn't that be something entirely different!

Such occurrences, in the UK Football Premier League, who arguably host the finest football league in the world for soccer, very rarely occur. This league attracts the richest footballing talent that money can buy, although it has to be said that the likes of the new Paris Saint Germaine side from France along with Monaco, and the Spanish with Real Madrid and Barcelona are no slouches when it comes to splashing the cash on new players. When it comes to highest goal scorer bets in Spain this year with Barcelona's addition of Uruguayan Louis Suarez, it will be interesting to see how many will back him to outdo the likes of Argentinian Lionel Messi, who he will be playing alongside with at Barcelona. Whatever your preference, you can bet on the highest goal scorer at Bet365 where new bonus codes are available each month to place bets online.

Suarez had a 6 match ban with former team Liverpool at the start of last season. Regardless he went on to be Europe's top goal scorer with 31 goals. Having once again, let his Latin temperament get the better of him, he once again got his teeth stuck in to the opposition during this summer's World Cup in Brazil. To do so figuratively is one thing but actually doing it beggar's belief and he was handed a 4 month by FIFA.

Football bets will no doubt still be placed on him to be Barcelona's leading goal scorer, once he returns from his ban. Will he have had long enough to chill out? We hope so, such a talent has been lost to his adoring public, the hockey sin bin solution would have been far more sensible, but that's another argument best saved for now.