First Goal Scorer Bets In Euro Football - Think Before You Leap!

When betting on the "first goal scorer" be it hockey bets or NFL football bets you are betting on the first player to score a goal. Of course in Hockey this is straightforward with the player firing the puck into the goal. In American football this terminology is all encompassing. It includes the first field goal, where you are betting on one or two star players to step up to try to score from x amount of yards by putting the ball over the bar between the two sticks. It can also refer to the first player to score a touchdown where points are put on the board or the safety scenario where again, points are also registered. The first player who makes the first of these plays and in the process give his team the advantage, is called the first goal scorer.

Since one can take out various kinds of "first goal scorer" bets in football games online, let's take a look at European football or as is called in the USA "Soccer".

There are a multitude of bets that you can place when it comes to European football. Each country has its own league and the world is literally your oyster when it comes to selecting games and the sheer amount of matches that you can gamble on.

In the U.K. the top league is called The Premiership, In Spain there is La Liga, In Italy Series A and the Dutch have the Eredivisie, these all provide daily opportunities to satisfy your craving in finding the first goal scorer in any given game. There are also various annual tournaments that run in each country each year, tournaments like the F.A. Cup and League Cup in the U.K. In addition to national games you have the crème de la crème from each country where their top teams battle it out in the Champions League each year in the tournament to end them all to be crowned Kings Of European Football.

It should be said by specialising in one particular league say the Premiership and getting familiar with the player stats, playing formation, player injury news, along with player current form, personal goal cycles, & goal droughts, all these things that you will want to consider, will stand you in good stead as opposed to taking a lucky dip. You will also want to compare the odds being offered and how much value the bookie offers you for the bet being taken. Don't just go where you already have an account, consider opening a new one, if they offer better value. Value or getting the best price, is key to successful sports betting, so come on you, find that good bookie, & give us a winner!