A Mini Guide To Football Gambling And Goalscorer Betting

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Once upon a time the only form of betting on European football or soccer as we call it, was doing what was called the pools. This would typically be for all the league games played every Saturday in England and Scotland. You would have a coupon with all the games listed and have to accumulate 24 points for the top dividend. You would receive 3 points for a score draw and 2 points for a no score draw and you would mark an "x" in the grid alongside the game played. Thousands upon thousands of hopeful gamblers would mail their coupon in midweek to arrive before game time on Saturday, and all be glued to the TV or radio at 5pm Saturday for the reading of the football results in the hope of hitting the big time jackpot often around £2m.

It is no surprise, that although the pools still exists, it is no longer the game of choice when it comes to football and gaming. The online world has completely taken over the scene and today millions of dollars flood the football market every day, the game also enjoying a huge global viewing market that can watch their games live via satellite or online. There is a huge range of online gambling sites that offer sports betting, articles on learning the odds of each game, and a chance to win real money. No need to step into a race track, or buy a sports ticket like "ProLine" from a lottery dealer. Sports betting today is easy as two clicks on your pc or mobile device. Online casinos work 24/7 giving you the freedom to bet whenever you like from the comfort of your home. And even better, when you bet online, you can get online bonuses that can go up to $10000 extra money matching your deposits. They are a really nice boost to your bankroll, especially when you don't need to do anything to get them.

Today, we are going to take a look at online "Goalscorer Betting", which is just one of a multitude of football related bets that can be placed.

We will look at betting on the first goal scorer of a particular match that you fancy. As with anything, you need to know the rules, so here are a couple of things to be mindful of before you place your bet. Tired of the same time old boring casino experience? Try your hand at one of uk's top online casino sites right away and you'll never be bored again. They've got everything you've been looking for at 32 Red, including top games and bonuses, a variety of software providers, different payment options, and customer service is on hand 24/7. Whatever you're looking for, you'll find it at this online casino. Boring is unheard of at 32red, you're gaming experience will now be filled with non-stop excitement!

Your Selected Player Doesn't Make the Line Up Or Is Substituted

Simply put, if your player has not been selected to play and is sitting on the bench and a goal is scored, your bet is null and void. If however he comes off the bench with the score still 0-0, the bet is activated as soon as he comes on the field. This is the norm in goal scorers betting.

Betting On Each Way

The way this is applied to football is excluding own goals if the player you have selected is one of any of the players that scores a goal up to the 5th goal, you will be paid out 1/3 of the odds at the end of the match. If there is an own goal scored, it is not counted as one of the five for this bet. This means there could have been 5 goals scored including an own goal and if he was to score the 6th goal, you would be paid out on your each way bet. Get a better perspective with actual betting. Use one of a time promo codes for no deposit bonuses up to $199, and explore all the betting types and variations. Once you start understanding the betting odds, winning won't be so complicated and challenging.

First Goalscorer Insurebet

With this particular bet, your odds are slightly reduced compared to placing a win or each way bet. Here if your player doesn't get the first goal, yet still manages to score during the game, you will get your money back, this way as long as he scores you can't lose. Do note if he scores an own goal, this would not count and your stake would be forfeited.

In addition to the aforementioned, also be aware, these rules do not carry through to extra time, 90 mins only, no exceptions. Jackpot City is great site for anyone looking for a top online gambling establishment. They provide many casino style games to place bets on including a tennis-style slot machine called Centre Court by Microgaming for all the sports fans out there. Enjoy your game!