Sports Betting in Canada

People who closely follow news that is related to the gaming industry in Canada (preferably by reading Grizzly Gambling) are well aware that the country seems to be "stuck in the mud" when it comes to sports betting. Clearly there is a demand for it, as there are many Canadian citizens who patronize the online sportsbooks that are headquartered offshore. And the dollars that are generated from such business are going to continue being channeled outside of the country if current policy stays in place. There are, however, a few legitimate sites from Canada where you can place sports bets. Pop over to this website and get answers to all your betting questions.

But the highlight of an online gambling establishment in Canada, are the no deposit bonuses. Although more suitable is for casino games, Canadian online casinos have a lot to offer in that way. BonusBeaver will lead you straight to the best free deals and teach you how to use them properly. After all, what's better than free playing for real money? But the legal issue with sports betting remains the same.

That policy is a by-product of the Canadian gaming laws, which require that the provinces themselves have authority over all gaming activity, including licensure and operation (with the exception of certain tribal organizations that claim sovereignty). As of the moment a sports lottery game is offered in which parlay-style wagering is offered. They are based on results from major league professional sports, but they involve the combination of multiple events in order to produce a win or loss on the part of the customer. This is quite different from "single-game" or "single-event" wagering that is the standard in sportsbooks, both land-based and online, that exist in other parts of the world. You hear it all the time...always read the fine print. When you are purchasing a car, or signing a contract, be sure to know exactly what you are getting into. Online gambling establishments have the same thing. They are normally called Terms and Conditions. They will indicate whether or not Canadians can play here... or if they are prohibited.

There is a piece of legislation, known as Bill C-290, that would legalize single-event betting and authorize the provinces to implement it. The bill received approval from all parties in the House of Commons, but has met with red tape in the Senate, where there are interests blocking it from even being voted upon. It is, in fact, the opinion of the Conservative leadership that there is not the majority required to pass it, though some scoff at that notion. Fortunately, you can start with the best French paying casino that you can find on the internet or anywhere locally. That being said, the French casinos are your best bet for your gambling needs and do not have the same prohibitions that Canadian establishments have, which means you can do gaming without worries.

There is no question that if such a measure were to pass, it would open the door for millions and millions in revenues for the provinces that is now going elsewhere. But some opponents, namely Paul Beeston, president of the Toronto Blue Jays, feel that it will open the door for much less desirable things in the way of social ills.

The topic is certainly going to remain hot for a while, as are most topics when there is "easy money" to be made. And there are folks lobbying for both sides. Perhaps a push will come from the state of New Jersey, where Governor Chris Christie just signed a bill to put sports betting into action at the establishments operated by existing gaming license holders. Despite opposition from the U.S. federal government, he is ready to begin taking applications. Folks in Canada will be watching to see how much sports betting helps the sagging casino gaming industry in Atlantic City in particular.

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